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Coconut and carrot for the growth of your hair

Hair loss is one of the most frequent concerns of today . A phenomenon that affects and worries men and women alike . But it is not the end of the world, there are simple and practical options that allow you to stimulate the growth of your hair. Giving volume, brightness and strength in equal parts.

Conditioner to stimulate the growth of your hair

The homemade coconut-carrot conditioner is one of the formulas to follow . These are two products of natural origin that allow the body to restore and recover the hair. They are ingredients that, in addition, do not require over-elaborated or particularly complex recipes to be applied.

It only takes patience and perseverance to enjoy the results . There are frequent cases of people who quickly abandon these treatments when they do not see instant results.

Likewise, many times it is necessary to review the lifestyle. Stress, poor diet and poor hydration are three of the elements that undermine the health of the body in general. Aspects that are also noticed in the quality of the mane.

Coconut and carrot: really powerful ingredients

These types of conditioners seek to nourish and protect our hair using natural ingredients.

Separately, coconut and carrot have the necessary nutrients to care for, strengthen and stimulate the growth of your hair . Combined both natural products, they are enhanced very positively. There are even those who have tried these remedies and do not hesitate to qualify as ‘miraculous’.

Coconut is one of the most emblematic fruits of the Caribbean, although its cultivation occurs throughout the length and breadth of the tropical belt . Its milk is the derivative that is most used in hair care. This is obtained by squeezing the previously crushed pulp.

Actually, at the time of preparing a home conditioner it is not necessary to perform this procedure. In the market it is possible to get a variety of brands of coconut milk. Most of which safeguard the quality and benefits of the original liquid .

For its part, the Daucus carota , popularly known as carrot , is one of the most celebrated vegetables in the history of modern nutrition . Its faculties and properties are counted in heaps , as well as its varied number of applications.

Hair Care

The contributions of coconut

Coconut is rich in vitamins B, C and E . The same as in iron, magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, proteins, amino acids , trace elements and mineral salts. All of them are vital components to stimulate the growth of your hair.

In addition to providing softness and shine, thanks to its great moisturizing capacity, coconut is very effective in protecting hair against mistreatment of dryers and irons.

Also environmental factors such as wind, dust or polluting gases affect the deterioration of the hair. All this with another detail that is still important: its aroma is very pleasant.

The carrot contributions

Carrots are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that strengthen the circulation of your scalp

Among the multiple components of the carrot, vitamins A, B, C and K , as well as abundant fiber, potassium and phosphorus. Ingredients that, in addition to stimulating the growth of your hair, decisively prevent their fall .

Its action is mainly focused on promoting the increase of blood circulation on the scalp. At the same time it strengthens the hair follicles and protects against the sun’s aggressive UV rays.

Preparing a conditioner to stimulate the growth of your hair

The necessary ingredients for the preparation of this home remedy are three large carrots and a cup of coconut milk , along with a grater. The first step is to grate the carrots and then squeeze their juice with the help of a clean dishcloth.

Then, the liquid obtained must be added to the coconut milk and mixed until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. To apply it, it is required that both the hair and the scalp be completely clean. Therefore, it is recommended to wash in a ‘traditional’ way.

When applying this natural remedy, it should be ensured that the preparation covers from root to tip . Also, the entire scalp must be massaged with the fingertips for approximately five minutes.

To allow the conditioner to act, the hair is covered with a thermal cap or plastic bag and a half-hour period is expected. The last step is to remove with plenty of water and the help of a regular shampoo. Once a week is enough for this treatment to offer permanent results .

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